New option for Friendly Dates

Currently we have 'today only' and 'all days for the past week'. It would be nice if you add 'today + yesterday' in between :slight_smile:

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In the meantime, you could use an Eval Column:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<evalcolumn align="1" attrrefresh="yes" autorefresh="yes" category="date" foldertype="all" header="Modified" keyword="modifiedfriendly" maxstars="5" namerefresh="no" reversesort="no" title="Modified (friendly+)" type="7">yesterday = Now() - 60*60*24;

if (DatePart(modified, &quot;date&quot;) == DatePart(Now(), &quot;date&quot;))     return &quot;Today &quot; +     DatePart(modified, &quot;time&quot;);

if (DatePart(modified, &quot;date&quot;) == DatePart(yesterday, &quot;date&quot;)) return &quot;Yesterday &quot; + DatePart(modified, &quot;time&quot;);

return modified;</evalcolumn>

neat, but why it's present in Date/Time menu and not in "Edit folder format"?

It's a global setting.

It's there, it's just incorrectly showing as "Modified" instead of "Modified (friendly+)". Fixed in the next beta.