New tab to display custom sorting style

I am having a small issue that I'm sure has an easy solution.

I have created a custom sorting list in my lister. (ie name, date , type, attribute, created date, etc). I work will multimedia so I have added duration, codecs, bit rate, FourCC, etc.

Every time I open a new tab, the list reverts back to the default layout instead of my custom layout. Is there any way to keep my current layout when opening a new tab instead of the default layout.(name, size, type, motified, attr)

Thansk for any help

If you want to change the default: Folder Formats: Quick Guide

On the other hand, if you don't want to change the default and only want your custom format in special situations, turning on the Format Lock (padlock icon in the status bar) will lock whatever your current format is for that file display, and that carries over when you open new tabs in the same file display.

The format lock state is saved with layouts, so you could save a layout with it on and your custom format set. Or you could make a button which both applies the custom format and turns on the lock. (Or various other things, if none of those work.)

If you need help setting any of those ideas up, let us know.

Thank you.. exactly what I was looking for.

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