Newbie question: Some of my file names are truncated

Some of my file names in the lister are truncated, cut off prematurely and ending with "..."

How do I make DO show the whole file names?

Sounds like the columns are just not wide enough.

(There was a post here before about pirate stuff; ignore that! That'd truncate names 8.3 style rather than "...")

You can resize the columns by dragging them in the usual way. You can also make them auto-size by turning on the auto-size columns checkbox within Folder Formats, on the Display tab.

Thanks for the reply, Leo, but I'm having trouble following your advice.

I have the lister view set on "List", so I don't see any way to drag the column width.

When I go to Preferences, Display, I don't see anything related to "auto-size columns. Similarly, if I go to Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats, I don't see anything related to "auto-size columns.

Can you be more specific?

Ah, I assumed we were talking about Details view before. In List view you can't resize the columns by dragging but you can still resize them, or set the auto-size option, via folder formats.

Go to Tools -> Folder Options.

On the Columns tab you can set the width of the Name column. That width will apply to List view as well.

On the Display tab you'll find the auto-size option.

For help making the changes permanent, see the Folder Formats FAQ.

Ah, that last line did it...thanks!

I hadn't discovered that there was a "Folder Options" that was separate from those found under "Preferences".