No Acronis Support?

Prior to DO 11, I could right-click on an Acronis .tib file and the True Image context menu was included in the DOpus/Windows context menu. Starting with DOpus 11 that is no longer the case. I've been using DOpus 11 since it's beta versions and I've have the same problem with both Acronis 2013 and 2014. I've lived with this thinking anytime now an update to DOpus would fix this problem, but it hasn't.

I also can't mount or use DOpus to navigate the contents of the .tib files. I have to exit DOpus and use Windows Explorer which has none of the functionality I need to manipulate these files.

I read as many of the Acronis related posts as I could bring myself to read, but didn't find any answers to these 2 questions. I did start seeing something about Acronis being the problem but I haven't had problems with Acronis like some of you have had. Acronis is by no means a perfect product and neither is Windows, but I would expect that the functionality I had in DOpus 10 and earlier versions would still be in place.

Are these two issues going to be fixed so they work right or has that functionality been dropped completely now?


Shell extensions which are blocked by default includes the Acronis shell extension, as it has a history of crashes and large memory leaks over the years.

The linked page has information on how to un-block it if you wish to. You may find it doesn't cause any problems, but make a mental note to try re-blocking it again should you run into problems in the future, as it could be the cause..

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