NTFS Junctions, Circular References, Folder Size Calculation

Until now I hadn't bothered trying Opus's folder size calculation against the test cycles I had created, as I assumed if you said there was a problem there was one (and it seemed reasonable that Opus didn't check for cycles as creating cycles seems wrong to me)...

But I just tried it anyway, to see what would happen. Opus seems to work fine for me; it stops counting when it hits the junction.

Here is the directory structure I created:

I created a cycle with both a junction and a softlink, in case there was a problem with one type and not the other.

As you can see, Opus's Flat View mode also knows to stop at a junction/link, and the folder size column only shows the size of File B.txt and has not recursed into the link or the junction.

This is using Opus x64 on Windows 7.