Occasionally a random tab will hog all the CPU in 12.7

Since 12.7 I've occasionally had a problem where DOpus would cap out the CPU usage seemingly out of nowhere. Whenever it happens I try to find a pattern of what could be causing the problem but couldn't. It has happened either when I was using DOpus or when I wasn't. I found out that if I close the right tab it would go back to normal but I don't know how do detect which tab could be causing the problem. I have a lot of tabs open at once usually and it's sometimes hard to get back to where I was before I started closing the tabs. I can't remember if reopening the problematic tab was fine but I think it was, (something was supposed to go here but i forgot what it was :confused:). I also just installed 12.7.1 right when I started typing this so I don't know if it will help. :confused:

So the point is: possible bug? And how can I detect which tab to close without closing tabs one by one?

Also, I'm pretty sure it started happening right after I installed 12.7.

If you make some manually generated crash dumps while the problem is happening, we can probably use that to see where the CPU is being used:

You can also use Process Explorer to find out if it is Opus itself or a third party DLL causing the problem. Right-click dopus.exe, choose Properties, then Threads. Sort the threads by CPU use and select the top one, then click Stack. The list of DLLs can be used to see what is using the CPU. Do that a few times and post the screenshots of the stack window, and we may be able to see just from that.

This guide may also be of use, but more if you cab identify which tab the problem happens in:

Thank you :smiley:
I'm going to be super busy for the next week probably so I might not get results super soon but I'll make sure to do that when it happens :slight_smile: