Office preview slow in Opus and broken in Explorer

Hi, I have the same problem. Opening files on networkdirectories is sloooooow.
Closing tabs works a while but then it's slow again.
Opening the networknode helps ( sometimes directly sometimes after a little delay).
But after changing directory the network-node closes by itself and after a short while it is slow again.

Please solve this bug because I look stupid when I recommend this tools to my colleages!

What kind of files are you opening?

What are you opening them in?

Are we talking about the Opus viewer, or about double-clicking the files and opening them in something else?

Is it slow in File Explorer as well?

What do you mean by the networknode? Do you mean the folder called "Network" that shows all the machines in the network? In the folder tree, or the file display, or something else?

I'm opening .doc, .txt. .pdf's etc in the previewer.
Opening them in office or a texteditor works ok, but that is not what I want.
In the Windows (7) file explorer it opens instantly but there is no preview...

The folder called "Network" that shows all the machines in the network.

That means your Office preview handlers are broken, unless you're not using MSOffice or are using a very ancient version which predates preview handlers (Office 2003 or 2006 were the first versions with them, from memory. Not sure which.)

Reinstallign MSOffice may fix them. Get them working in File Explorer first, then worry about Opus.

Opus is probably falling back on using Office itself, not the Office preview handlers, to view the files, which will always be slower, and also does not work as well. (This fallback is disabled by default in newer versions of Opus.)

For PDF, you may need to install a PDF preview handler such as Adobe Reader. As with Office, check that things are working in File Explorer for that format.

TXT files do not open in Office so I'm assuming you mentioned those in error? They should open instantly in the built-in Opus text viewer.

Hi Leo,

The txt-files open slowly too!
To me it looks like the problems of the previous posters are happening to me the same way.
Since I work on a clients laptop and network I can not do much to change the environment but clicking the 'network' should be a clue to the problem but I can not dive into it any deeper...
Maybe some setings in DO should be changed?

What happens if you go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins and turn off the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin, then try a text file again?

Great! I tried to check this, to find out everything is superfast today.
Maybe the installation of 12.8 last week, a reboot or a network change...
I'll be back when it's slow again!

I have the same issue, it seems the Windows Office preview handlers are broken in Windows 10. It takes about 18 seconds for an Office file to preview, all other files preview quickly. I am fairly confident that it is not a broken installation, I have done clean installs of Windows 10 Insider builds about once a month, and the issue persists.

Are there other preview handlers that could be substituted?

Do the Office preview handlers work in File Explorer? Are they also slow there?

If they don't work at all in File Explorer, they're probably broken, and the slowness you see in Opus is because it's trying one method, which fails, and then falling back on another (which Explorer doesn't do).

Reinstalling/repairing Office may fix its viewers if they are broken.

On my Windows 10 system with Office 365 installed, it takes less than a second to preview most Office documents. (Unless the document itself is very large/complex.)

The only alternative viewer for MS Office I know of is QuickView Plus, which is expensive ($99 per year).

It is slow in File Explorer as well. I am using Office 2016 and it used to be quick, but I think MS is intentionally doing this to older versions of Office.

Oh well, it is a minor inconvenience.