Old Toolbar

The pop-up information went by too fast.
I want my old tool bars back.

Right click on a Toolbar and select Toolbars in the context menu. There you can find all toolbars, old and new.

Not there. Try again

I installed over old version, I I keep backups.
If I uninstall completely, install new, import old backup, will I get my old toolbar back ?

[url]Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade]

Got it Thanks

Why not make this the default, or at least ask? By "this," I mean "keep the existing toolbar set as the default."

I had custom toolbars. I kept reinstating them with Toolbars > Toolbar Sets, the toolbars would revert to the default after each launch. It's annoying. It wasted my time after an already-awful week and an aggravating process ordering the upgrade. I didn't customize the toolbars because I wanted them replaced.

The new toolbars may include new features that you will potentially miss out on if you never see them. Not a bad idea to add an option though but I don't think that should be set as the default.