Only ever have one lister open at a time? (DO12 latest)

Hi all, I have dome some hunting on the forum and in the FAQs but I cannot sort this as nothing seemed to work. I have DO12 as a explorer replacement and what I would like is for every time I click on any folder it just loads it into the currentlt open active lister - rather than open a brand new lister every time. In fact, unless I am going isolation crazy I thought it used to do that!

Sorry if I am missing the obvious but be grateful for a pointer - thank you.


The FAQ on this should still work: Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows

Is that the one you already followed?

What happens instead?

Does it depend on how you open the folder, or which application opens the folder?

Well this is embarrassing. I double checked the settings as per the FAQ and I cannot have saved them. Working fine now - sorry about that - duh!

Thanks for the support.

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