OnScriptConfigChange method not refresh column

I try to understand why OnScriptConfigChange method doesn't update my column after changing script option.

Script add new column go display files level and I have 2 issues...

  • If column is display (left align) then change option 'Decalage' from
    "false" to "true", nothing happen. If I press F5, new values are display
    in column (right align).
  • Now, go back to "false", hide column then add it again, nothing has
    changed until I press F5.
    ColonneNiveau.vbs.txt (1.4 KB)

Calling Script.InitColumns just tells Opus that the columns the script offers may have changed. It isn't meant to cause existing file displays to refresh.

You could make your script enumerate all file display tabs, check which columns they have, and send them refresh commands. (Or just send them all tabs refresh commands without checking their columns, as that's a lot easier and probably just as good for something that will happen quite rarely.)

Thanks for this in 11.7.1.

[quote]Added Script.RefreshColumn method that a script can use to cause any
instances of one of its columns to be regenerated (e.g. in response to
an OnScriptConfigChange notification).[/quote]