Open File/Folder in existing lister shortcut

Having a little trouble finding a command line shortcut to open the existing lister if there is one (or new lister if there isnt) with the file/folder argument in the source pane?


dopusrt.exe /cmd Go "K:" - which opens the path but doesnt bring do to the front

dopusrt.exe /cmd Go LASTACTIVELISTER "K:" - essentially what i am looking for but lastactivelister doesnt take a path argument.

Most of my navigation begins from a favorite menu that i have using true launch bar which is why i need to pass it the correct command line options.

Sure there is a really easy way to do this??

You could create a simple batch file with your command split into two lines and save that to your True Launch favorite folder (I also use the True Launch Bar and that method works for me).

dopusrt.exe /cmd Go LASTACTIVELISTER dopusrt.exe /cmd Go "K:\"

Combine the two to get what you want:

[Toolbar menu for "Piky Folders")

It doesn't seem to work when combined on one line Leo.

It works fine for me when split into two lines in a batch file though.

[quote="JohnZeman"]It doesn't seem to work when combined on one line Leo.

It works fine for me when split into two lines in a batch file though.[/quote]

That's what I mean. (We replied at the same time with similar suggestions so it looks like I was replying to you but I meant it for the root post.)

So i am guessing there is no way to do this in one command?

Reason i ask is because i what i am trying to do is have any folder/drive shortcut open in the existing do lister. The way i did this for total commander was to add a "Open_In_TC" key in the registry HKCR\Directory\shell key to open any directory using a command line option similar to modifying how file types open. This is why i was looking for a single command line option.

Any other way to do the same thing? For some reason even after removing the TC key folder shortcuts do not open in DO by default, instead are opened by the next key in that registry key?

Really want to get this working in order to get DO working the way i need it to.


P.S. John, how do you have this working with TLB? Do you have it open a new lister everytime you click a folder shortcut. As far as i know TLB does not have any explicit way to specify a file manager which is why i started jumping through all these hoops to begin with.

You shouldn't need to configure that by hand; just turn on Explorer Replacement in Opus's preferences window.

That was the first thing i did, but it doesnt seem to be working? I also tried the different replacement settings with no luck. As i mentioned above everytime i open a folder now it opens with the first key in the shell registry key which happens to be XNView.

W7 64bit

Please run my FileTypeDiag tool and output your folder registry settings (leave the extension blank and just click Save).

Attach the result in a reply or private message and I'll have a look.

Thx leo, i just pm'ed you the file although as i understand it even if we can get this working it will still open folders in a new lister correct? Would be great if the LASTACTIVELISTER command above accepted a path variable as well

Try deleting the "(default)" values below these two registry keys:


The first one is currently your custom "Open_In_Dopus" and the second is "Open_Drive_In_Total" which I guess is left-over from TC. They should both be deleted so that RegEdit displays "(none)" for the values.

Opus only takes over the HKCR\Folder\shell registry key (default value set to "openindopus"). Both Directory and Drive will fall back on Folder but if they don't override it with their own defaults, but I think that's what's happening for you.

Screenshot of what I mean:

Yea that was the second thing i tried but after removing those keys folders were being opened up by XnView which had the next key under the shell path. If i remove that then it simply goes to the next one below that which is a MediaMonkey command etc.??

What happens if you set the default value under HKCR\Folder\shell to "open"?

Does Explorer then open for folders? If so something's wrong with the openindopus registry settings but if it still opens XNView I'm confused. I've got a few entries under my HKCR\Directory\shell key but Windows isn't picking one of them and is still dropping down to HKCR\Folder.

Yea they still open in XnView after setting the key you mentioned to open. What is the diff between the Directory and Folder keys anyway? Btw i am testing this out by double clicking a shortcut to a folder on desktop as well as using my TLB favorite menu which is my preferred way of starting any file/folder navigation.

Just starting playing around with the "Open in Directory Opus" registry settings from your post above and it does exactly what i am looking do!!!

Ended up recreating the same key structure as that in the Directory key and everythings good to go.

Still would like to figure out why its not working by default though??

Doh, spoke to soon! While it still works well each folder is opened in a new tab. Is there a way to just open the folder in the same tab instead?

[Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

From what i could tell this changes the ddeexec key from

[NewTab("%L", %I)]
[NewLister("%L", %I)]

which now opens a new lister for every folder. Is there any way to modify the command above to simply open the argument in the current pane of the current lister?

I don't think there is.