Option to associate .ocb files?

I was wondering about this, and here you make a case for being cautious of your won file associations.
But what about giving people the OPTION to associate .ocb files with DOpus at install time and/or via dialog later?
I'll bet my left nut that most people don't have a more important/frequent use for .ocb files. Maybe even my right one.

Alternatively, go with an extension like .DOpusConfig.
In any case, not having a file type association for this seems like an omission that wants to be amended.
Could we have that, please?

Toodles, and may none of you melt under the summer heat!

You already have the option of creating the association yourself. There's an example in the thread you linked. (Or this one where the command will work outside of Opus as well.)

For most people, it's so unusual to need to import the whole configuration that it shouldn't matter how it's done. (If you are doing it that often, there's probably a better way, too. Depends why you're doing it.)

Don't really want to encourage people to use config backups as a way to share parts of their configs by making it even easier. That's enough of a problem as it is.

Okey dokey :+1::blush:
Like so many times, my request wasn't so much about reaching a specific goal for myself, but a general thought about improving DOpus; I had no idea that this wasn't only not that desirable, but actually facilitating part of a problem.

But now I'm curious:
My scenario is that I work on my main computer daily and may tweak and expand my DOpus setup more or less constantly.
Every so often, I need to work on my laptop and I can't reliably remember which changes happened on my main computer, so I just use a backup from there.
Is there a better way to sync settings, scripts and customizations for this scenario?

I'll be fine either way, of course. Again, this was just a (misguided) thought about improving the DOpus experience

Depends what's being changed. You can usually copy the individual file involved.