Opus 10, 11 and "location" in Find Files results

Dear Dopus,

I have simple, perhaps dumb, problem: I'm considering upgrading to v11 and there is one feature in particular that would persuade me. The Find File tool in v10 doesn't by default display the locations of the files found, which in my opinion is essential. I've never found a way to change this, though one may exist. The one discussion I found on the forum was not understandable. (By the way, I don't want locations displayed in the main lister, because I know where I am from the tree down the lhs.) Please tell me that v11 has been improved to do this.



By the way, I found a thread from Jan 2012 that gives instructions (setting Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, then selecting Path Formats and "coll://Find Results"), but adding Location to the Displayed Fields of coll://Find has no effect.

Do a find, then open the Folder Options dialog and add the column there. Then, in the same dialog, use Save > For This Folder. That will ensure it is saved for the folder you are currently viewing. (The steps are similar to #1 in Folder Formats: Quick Guide, which has some screenshots to help; but you want to only save the change for that folder and not for all folders.)

The column should also be added automatically on new configs or when folder options are reset, but may not be for configs imported from older versions.

We've also improved this a bit in Opus 12, if I remember rightly. It will add the column automatically in more situations than before.

I'll be darned, it works! Thank you, that was very quick.


Don't let that stop you upgrading :slight_smile: