Opus 11 not responding in Windows 10

I installed the most current version Directory Opus 11 on a brand new Windows 10 quad PC and am using it to better organize the files I've brought over from a older PC.

Frequently, but not consistently, Opus 11 will freeze (and "gray out") with a "not responding" message after I have copied a list of files from one directory to another. I believe with most Opus crashes there is also an open "progress bar" with the word "loading".

Any ideas on steps I might take to avoid the "not responding" problem.

What type(s) of files are you copying?

It could be your antivirus blocking the process from continuing while it scans the files which were just copied.

If you have anything pointing at or mapped to a network drive/server which is inaccessible, that can cause delays in random places as well.

It could also be shell extensions or various other things, but it can be hard to guess.

If you can track down a trigger (type of files, type of destination, certain columns being shown in the file display, etc.) it might point to a possible cause.

I've started getting this too. High spec Windows machine and I'm suddenly getting loads of random 'not responding' messages which leaves Opus unusable for anything up to 2 or 3 minutes. Very frustrating. Nothing new has been installed on the machine.

What is Opus doing when the freezes happen?

What are the answers ti my questions above?

Have you checked these FAQs to rule out the usual causes of freezes?

Please also link your account.

Just regular image files. Nothing is mapped to a network drive.

Check out those FAQs that Leo linked for you. Opus 11 hasn't changed in years so if this is something that just started happening recently it will be due to other software you've installed/updated on your machine. Those FAQs will help you track it down.

I have also started getting this in Win 11 whilst having it do nothing after many reinstalls. I do have mapped drives but they work fine in win 10. This is a constant issue and I can't use it as it is. There is no CPU or RAM spike. It just stops responding. Please provide support.

Have you been through the two FAQs linked above?

Are the network drives on machines which are offline/unreachable? That will cause delays of up to 30 seconds, not just in Opus but in lots of places.

I tested this in win 10 and dopus has no issues there since I have licenses on both machines. Yes I checked the FAQs but I dont have issues with right clicking.

Does Dopus support debugging to see what is causing it tostop responding in win 11? I have systernals if you need that.

If it's freezing, you can send us process snapshots to examine:

Ok, thanks.

Done. I would like to add that this not responding event also causes windows 11 file explorer windows to start to stall as well and does not go away until dopus is forcibly terminated.

Please let me know if you received the file.

The snapshots show the problem is related to your Y:\ drive, when Windows is asked to get the icon to display for it.

You have Drive Buttons on your Opus toolbars, so Opus is asking Windows which icons to display for each drive. When it asks about the Y:\ drive, Windows is taking a very long time to respond.

If it's a network drive which is unreachable, I recommend not mapping a drive letter to it, and instead using the UNC path (the \\server\share\... style path that the letter is mapped to) to access it when it's online and needed instead. UNC paths will work with almost everything these days.

If you do need the letter for things which are configured to use it and abstract away the UNC path, mapping it when it's available and needed and unmapping it when it's inaccessible is best. Windows deals very poorly with inaccessible network drives.

Amazing. I have the exact same setup in a win 10 pc and it has no issues with that drive exactly when win 11 does, so it seems like a win 11 issue. So I can map this drive to a button as a UNC your recommending?

So as long as remove the mapped drives from dopus bars then this should not occur?

Having a drive mapped to a server that is not accessible can cause all sorts of strange delays (not just in Opus) if anything tries to query basic information about the drive, so I would avoid it.

But if you want to make minimal changes, try hiding it from the toolbar and see if that's enough. You can edit the drivebuttons command to exclude a particular drive letter, if you want to keep the others there.

I un-mapped the drives and set it as a button but in WIN 11 explorer has issues accessing the UNC path for some reason. Its a win 11 issue since WIN 10 has none of this. When dopus doesn't manifest the UNC target from the button it shows the same issue from explorer so I might just need to go back to win 10 unless the support for my nas can figure this out for win 11.

It sounds like the OS is not seeing the NAS at all.