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Opus 11 not responding in Windows 10

I installed the most current version Directory Opus 11 on a brand new Windows 10 quad PC and am using it to better organize the files I've brought over from a older PC.

Frequently, but not consistently, Opus 11 will freeze (and "gray out") with a "not responding" message after I have copied a list of files from one directory to another. I believe with most Opus crashes there is also an open "progress bar" with the word "loading".

Any ideas on steps I might take to avoid the "not responding" problem.

What type(s) of files are you copying?

It could be your antivirus blocking the process from continuing while it scans the files which were just copied.

If you have anything pointing at or mapped to a network drive/server which is inaccessible, that can cause delays in random places as well.

It could also be shell extensions or various other things, but it can be hard to guess.

If you can track down a trigger (type of files, type of destination, certain columns being shown in the file display, etc.) it might point to a possible cause.

I've started getting this too. High spec Windows machine and I'm suddenly getting loads of random 'not responding' messages which leaves Opus unusable for anything up to 2 or 3 minutes. Very frustrating. Nothing new has been installed on the machine.

What is Opus doing when the freezes happen?

What are the answers ti my questions above?

Have you checked these FAQs to rule out the usual causes of freezes?

Please also link your account.

Just regular image files. Nothing is mapped to a network drive.

Check out those FAQs that Leo linked for you. Opus 11 hasn't changed in years so if this is something that just started happening recently it will be due to other software you've installed/updated on your machine. Those FAQs will help you track it down.