Opus 13 updates generate dozens of warnings and open ~30 listers

Every update nearly crashes my desktop and always crashes my laptop. I can't get a recording on the laptop but here's a 3 min long gif of what happens. The laptop was restored to default everything before the 13 update, the desktop has settings and older listers etc.

At 10mb gif is too long, so here it is on drive: mousemaster_ArSCfLNvMx.gif - Google Drive

Here's the end result, nearly 30 listers

this has happened on every Opus 13 update, not just this one.

With Opus not running, go here in File Explorer (paste it into the path field and push return):

%LOCALAPPDATA%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\State Data

Below there you should see openlisters.oll - delete that file and then launch Opus. Does that fix things?

(For screen recordings, you can use MP4 videos with the forum, which will be much smaller as well as better quality. Win-win.)

Hi brimwats

Not related to your problem but what theme are you using, I want to try it out.


Your video shows your "anti-malware" tool is working overtime, it may be worth disabling that temporarily to see if it's involved.

%LOCALAPPDATA%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\State Data

This locks up the entire computer and explorer crashes. I could try cmd, but I'd need reminders on how to navigate/delete it as I ususally use linux shells

The solution can't be to stop windows defender / antivirus each time, can it? Defender only starts using a bunch of resources after the opus installation finishes and tries to launch.

Its a work in progress gruvbox theme. I'm doing it bit by bit and it's truly a monster to create a theme. Whenever I finish it I'll share it

Something is very wrong with your computer outside of Opus, if that is happening when you paste that path into File Explorer.

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I can get anywhere else, and I can delete the openlisters.oll from opus, but it just seems to be the GPS\Directory Opus folder that locks explorer.exe :thinking:

No, that's why I didn't suggest that. I said try disabling it temporarily to see if it's involved.


I'l;l key an eye out for it.


Sorry, I misunderstood!

Turning off defender and deleting openlisters.oll as @Leo suggested helped, as in it reduced the number of listers launched, but there are still about 10 errors:

(sorry for the slow replies, I can only test solutions when updates come out)

You're system is compromised by something otherwise more people would report the same behavior as you experience. If you're on Windows 10 or 11, the best you can do is to re-install windows retaining all the existing apps. Uninstalling Dopus first (export the theme and other settings first) before re-installing is recommended.

Something else you can try is to boot into safe mode by disabling every driver that doesn't pertain to Microsoft. You can do this by executing msconfig. Google for that.

Is the installer still in Task Manager’s Details tab when those messages appear?

They indicate it hasn’t exited yet, but it should have by that point.

If the installer is still in Task Manager when the messages appear, could you right-click it and use the option to create a few process memory dumps for us to analyse?

More detail on how to do it is here (but snapshot the installer rather than dopus.exe):

I don't think that's accurate, the error I was running into earlier was related to Everything indexing (as I use fluent search as well). I fixed that and it's fine. I suspect it's some setting I have leftover from Opus 11 or 12. I ran pretty comprehensive checks with defender and then again with DSIM, SFC scannow, and a few other tools.

That's a great idea. Yeah, I'll generate a memdump when the next update releases.

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You like the yellow lister background?

Any errors showing under "Applications" in Event Viewer?