Opus (and another program) hangs until reboot

I have an issue that affects Opus Directory and Enpass (password manager). This happens completely randomly, sometimes a few times per day, sometimes may not happen for a week or so. Basically, both programs become completely or partially unresponsive at the same time. Killing either/both in task manager doesn't help. After re-launching, the programs hang again. All other software is not affected and works just fine. The only way to get Opus and Enpass working is to reboot the PC.

I run Windows 11 now, but the same issue was happening on Windows 10.
Any ideas why this is happening?

Please send us some process snapshots made while the hang is happening:

Thanks, will do it when this happens next time (it happened just now, but I've already rebooted the PC).

It happened twice since my last post. I've sent dump files to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au (of the second hang that happened today). This time only Opus was affected. Enpass and other programs were working fine.

The dumps indicate that something is causing the Windows clipboard API to hang (or take an extremely long time).

Clipboard history/monitoring tools, or whichever program last put data into the clipboard, would be the most likely suspects. Other suspects could include tools that do unusual things with the clipboard, such as share it between machines (e.g. Remote Desktop, virtual machine tools, or tools specifically made to share the clipboard between machines or with phones etc.).

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Any way to find out which one is causing the issue without having to resort to uninstalling?
Here is stuff that interacts with the clipboard that I think of:

  • Pure Text - Converts any text in the clipboard to plain text.
  • EnPass - Password manager. Has an option to wipe copied text from the clipboard after 30 seconds.
  • Logitech Options - Has an option to copy/paste between different devices, but it's not enabled.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • VMWare Workstation.

You could try checking which process owns the clipboard when it happens. That may point in the right direction (but it's also possible it won't). That can be done using the small Clipboard Owner Debug tool from my personal site (doesn't require any installation):