Opus-Click on file & Menu comes up - To many possibility's to deal with

When I right-click on the file in opus it brings up a menu that offers 37 items of which eight are sub folder items. Is there a way where I can exclude what I don't need without going into each individual item such as "Attitude to Archive" etc to delete.

I have seen Customize-Content Menus many times and I don't have a clue on how it's supposed to help me. Is there a way I can create a menu that would appear in the place of the default. Or is there a way too delate items on the default Menu items not used..

Try checking Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides).

To delete items you need a tool like Glary Utilities. The free version is sufficient.

That prompted me to finally re-write that Tutorial. :slight_smile:

(Original single-image guide is still there at the bottom of the root post.)

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I'm following your tutorial. The image shows' where I'm at. It don't look right?

Looks correct. The guide screenshots show Opus 13, while you're using 12, but the details are the same. The "New" button is in a slightly different place, but in the same dialog with the same name.

What am missing. I always stay up to date with updates. I got to check this out!

See the pinned post at the top of the forum. :slight_smile: