Opus & Explorer no longer show video duration metadata

All of a sudden I’ve got a ‘problem here’. Here’s the situation:

Quite frequently I like to (a) select a folder in Directory Opus, (b) ‘command it’ to display for me a ‘flat view, without folders’ and then (c) since the files that I am typically concerned at seeing in that Flat View are video files, I right-click on the column titles and add – generally as the first columns – the columns ‘Duration’ and ‘Dimensions’. THEN I just sort ascending or descending on the Duration field and THEN I simply scan for files that have the SAME DURATION.

In other words, generally what I am looking for our Potential Duplicate Video Files so that I can delete the ones that I find as I choose.

The problem I’m having is that Very All of the Sudden, while I can add the COLUMNS as I used to, Directory Opus no longer ‘Fills in the values’ for Duration and Dimensions (or just about anything else) from the METADATA fields FOR THE VIDEO FILES LISTED.

But, the metadata does Appear to Exist.

FOR EXAMPLE: using voidtools ‘Everything’ software, the ‘still in the works’ version 1.5 which is been in beta for quite a long time BUT WORKS WONDERFULLY, if I ask IT to give me a list of all the video files in that directory tree, AND ask it to show me the Duration and Dimensions fields, ‘voilà’ – it works – and fast, too.

A bit more background information on the chance it might be helpful:

IT SEEMS THAT Windows File Explorer ALSO HAS THE SAME PROBLEM. *** IT *** cannot display the metadata fields EITHER for Video Files, but CAN for MP3s (Music) and Images.

For what it’s worth, IT SEEMS – at least in Directory Opus, that Images and Music files work okay in that dimensions and aspect ratios with regard to the former and duration and other stuff with regards to the latter display properly BUT not video files.

And again, in closing – this seems to be a problem affecting BOTH Windows File Explorer (or whatever it’s called) AND Directory Opus.

The result is I’m not quite sure where to start to go to LOOK FOR/TRY TO FIND OUT THE PROBLEM.

Can anyone help?

If it was working before for the same files, but no longer is, in both Opus and Explorer, then the system's video codecs/splitters are probably messed up.

We have plans to make Opus independent of them in the future but, for now, the best advice is probably in here: HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus

Perhaps I should add that it SEEMS like it might be only affecting MP4 files...

Try using a lot of patience to allow the metadata to load. I find it can take a long time, especially if the number of files in Flat View is very high. I usually have better/faster results when I right click the 'Duration' column and then 'Group' by that column.
If that doesn't work, then I would suspect something else is wrong.

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Thanks for the suggestion. But unfortunately, I have the same problem even if I DON’T ask Directory Opus to do anything quite so ‘laborious’, such as trying to generate for me a list of some perhaps 500 files – video files – visible in a ‘Flat View – No Folders’ view. I did browse around to other folders which only contained a handful or two of MP4 video files and still have the same problem!

In addition, as I mentioned, it seemed to be the case that Windows 10 File Explore HAS EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM. I suspect it is something ‘deeper’ and may require me to do some digging around. WHY ONLY MP4 FILES?

The codec/splitter for MP4 files has probably been broken or replaced.

Thanks for the suggestion and SO FAST! I will give it a try (what you suggested). I’m pretty sure I can make it work again because the problem seems to have ONLY propped up over the last day or two AND I have full backups of my system/boot drive AND since I keep virtually no data on it, not too big a deal. (Though it is time consuming and annoying, AND – not knowing what happened to cause it in the first place!). AGAIN, I found it interesting that both Windows File Explorer AND Directory Opus BOTH seem to have the same problem AND BOTH seemingly so far as I have been able to detect expect to MP4 files. And then further, as I mentioned, that ‘Everything’ version 1.5.X.X (still in beta… ACTUALLY: ALPHA, but seems to work quite stably enough that I happen to have it installed ALONG WITH VERSION 1.4.X.X.

I imagine that you are probably aware of it/have heard about it but just thought I would throw in my two cents worth: it is a REALLY SLICK and HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL and EXTREMELY USEFUL, AND I MEAN EXTREMELY and INTEGRATES WELL DIRECTORY OPUS. I use it a hell of a lot daily to find things, and then just right-click on a file or folder or something I’m interested in and just select as free it Directory Opus to Open the target path, copy the full path to the clipboard, or whatever. AND, I was left wondering why IT wasn’t having the same problem with MP4 files as well but we shall see…

Again, I’m sure you probably heard of it and perhaps of even tried it but if you haven’t, give it a try you were developer.

Again, thanks for your prompt response. I hope that, unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger “I won’t HAVTA be back!”

PS: just thought I’d like to add that – AND I’M NOT TRYING TO ‘SUCK UP’ TO YOU HERE: Directory Opus is *** THE *** Best Software Product I have PERSONALLY used… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

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