Opus window randomly shrinks to some small value at some point

My Opus window(s) randomly shrinks to some small value at some point. Like, I close the window, reopen it and the size is restored most of the time, then at some "random" moment it will no longer be restored and i will have to expand it again manually.

So i will expand/resize them back where i need it, re-save styles, re-save toolbars, re-launch opus, but it does not help - as it will shrink again in the future.

I am using 4k display with 150% scale, i think that it may be related to 150% scale, but shrinked window size is always the same while my windows are not, so i am not sure...

So yeah, how can i prevent them from shrinking? Or it is juts bugged for whatever reason?

Sounds like something a third-party window management tool might be doing, unless you're saving one type of window but then later opening another one.

More detail on exactly what you're saving and opening (or the action you're performing to open the window, if you aren't sure) might reveal something.

Display scaling shouldn't be an issue. We use 200% ourselves on most of our machines.

I dont have these kind of tools but only raw Windows 10 and some basic drivers like Nvidia, Logitech etc

I just calculated it and it is around 50%...

new windows are 1914*1144 after shrinking; 3840*2160 is 4K resolution so it is 38,4*21.6 if scaled to 1% per side :
1144/21.6=52.962962962963 (with window header)
1098/21.6=50.8333333333333 (without window header)

So 150% scale plus another 50% can be tied to 200% or just a coincidence. But i am very suspicious... :smile:

Make sure Windows isn't configured to make Opus think it's running in a different DPI:

But, beyond that, DPI should not matter.

What are you saving, and how are you re-opening it?