Opus's Favorites = Explorer Favorites


Is it possible that the favorites folder in Dopus, is the same as the ones in Windows Explorer?
Automatically of cause, I know that I kan add the same folders manually.

Regards Lars

If you navigate to /favorites (older Windows) or /profile/Links (newer Windows, or Win7 at least) you can find the Explorer favorites there, to display them in a lister.

Start Menu button shows some examples of how you could make a menu which shows what's in that folder, to replace the favorites menu.


Thank you for that, it's definitely better than nothing :slight_smile:
I have added the "Links" folder to favorites (I actually didn't knew that this was the meaning with the Links folder :slight_smile: )

Is there no way to make the Links folder expandable in the tree view?


I don't think that's possible, sorry. The Links folder contains shortcuts, which are files as far as the folder tree is concerned.

Can I add it as a feature request?
Or should I start a new post somewhere?

Regards Lars

No need to do anything. Posting to the forum with a linked account is enough to make things a feature request.