PDF-Toolkit Menu (PDF merge, extract, protect, unprotect, organize)

Inspired by AlbatorVs PDF-Toolkit Toolbar: PDF toolbar v2

This PDF functionality related menu-button supports the latest PDF-Toolkit releases and extends on Albators toolbar with some additional features.


The menu button expects a "/pdftoolkit" DO alias that points to your PDF Toolkit installation folder. Make sure the required executables are contained within a "bin" directory ("/pdftoolkit/bin/pdftk.exe" is the actual path used).

I put the PDF Toolkit executables somewhere below "/home" so these are available automatically after a DO configuration restore. I also crushed their size with UPX (upx.sourceforge.net/#downloadupx) to save some space - like back in the days o).

Download - ButtonMenu:
Button_PDF-Toolkit_v2.1.1dcf (29.5 KB) (most recent version)
Button_PDF-Toolkit_v1.old.dcf (5.72 KB)

Download - PDFToolkit:


Excellent tbone, works great :thumbsup:

Thanks, you're welcome! o)
Looking at the menu again, I wonder why I missed to remove ".. PDF" from two of the menu entries. How inconsistent this is (I fixed it here of course o).
I guess I would not have encountered pdftoolkit and the easy way of using it, if AlbatorV had not done the toolbar before, so credz to him once more! o)

How do to import this Button_PDF-Toolkit.dcf in DDopus 12?

How to add buttons from this forum to your toolbars

Works well, thanks tbone!

My humble suggestion:


Yes, not sure though whether this would render the buttons non functional for the DO v10/v11 people?

Hello, I know this is a bit old but this toolbar is really useful.

I have got it to work but the merge function doesn't seem to work. Rotate does. Are you meant to select two files and then select merge? Do you have to buy the full version of the toolkit for it to work correctly?


No need full version. But beware of spaces/accentuate characters in path, protected files...
Edit the button : delete "@runmode hide" and add "Pause" to the last line to display DOS prompt and look what is wrong.

Thank you! Just came across this and it is a HUGE time-saver!

Updated to v2.1.1:
Lot's of things which I added/fixed/changed over the time are in there.
Since an issue in the forum with passing parameters/filenames came up,
I took the time for polishing and eventually uploading a current version..
(which should fix the reported issue without much tinkering).

Love the new features, they were what i was missing! About the only thing, and i can easily live without it, is the automatic appending of the .pdf extention when renaming the output file (had to get used to Acrobat doing that for me when i started using it...).

Thank-you very much for this!

Glad you like it. o) What exactly do you mean? Which function and what automatic appending, I would assume *.pdf is always automatically appended to whatever output file is generated, no?

When i merged files a proposed file name for the output is presented that does have a ".pdf" extension on it.

When i click on it and give the file a new name but do not type in a ".pdf" extension, the file is saved but without any extension.

With Acrobat, it recognizes that an extension was not added and automatically adds ".pdf" to it-

You mean this dialog from the "Merge" entry in the menu? It does not have the pdf extension in there when suggesting the new name for the merged file, it will add the pdf extension automatically afterwards.
If you don't mean that, please clarify.. o)

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Hmmmm, i'm confused. Perhaps i was still thinking of the prior, or something else. Sorry to trouble you with my confusion!

Looking forward to also seeing what some of the other functions are in the drop-down menu that are new to me; Thank-you!

It is working great, thank you.

Extremely useful - just stumbled on this - THANK YOU!

Hello. why i can't to merge more than 1000 files? is this a pftk limit or sintax&windows problems? long path or short - no difference

@set fichier={dlgstringS|New file name...\n\nAttention !!! New file overwrite existing file...|{file$|noext}_merged}.pdf 
/pdftk\pdftk.exe {allfile$} cat output "{$fichier}" dont_ask

The length of such a command line is limited to about 32000 characters. So you need to be either really stingy with the filename length or try to pass a list of files to pdftk.exe. Not sure if that's possible.

ImageMagick can concatenate pdfs and read from text files, e.g.:

magick.exe convert @pdf.txt output.pdf