Percentage full and free as numbers

Hello. Is it possible to have "percentage full" and "percentage free" in the computer folder format columns displayed as numbers instead of bar graphs? (see attached screenshot)

No, currently that's not possible.

With DO v11 you can have these scripted.. o)

Are you aware of the issue, that script column values dissappear for the computer folder?

I'm not aware of that. Please make a thread with details.

I'm here for the same reason. This should be filed as a bug. Percentages are not graphics, they are expressed in numbers. While some people may prefer to have things dumbed down, it should be an option (and the default) to show "percentages" as percentages. Or put the number next to the graphic.

It tells you how many GB (etc.) are used and free as numbers. Percentages just give you a "feel" for how much space is left, for when you don't want to deal with the actual numbers, so a graph or a number both seem fine to me when it comes to the percentages?

If more people request this we can certainly add it but I don't really see the problem or what you would use the percentage numbers to do, vs the actual size numbers.

There surely is no problem, it's just that some people are number-types and some are visual-types.. o)
I would welcome a native number-based percentage column too!

If you dare, you can try the Link2Volume column set, it offers a number based percentage column.
It takes a little for the column to fill because of "expensive" wmi querying though.

Thanks for the response. It looks like a solution, but I have to disagree that "there is surely no problem". For the average user, jumping through all the hoops to use Link2Volume simply to see percentage of disc available as a number is too high a cost--and not viable for less techy users.

In 12.20.1 (first beta after 12.20), we'll add columns to show the numeric percentages for people who want them.


Thank you, these will get used! o)