Persistent Full Screen Mode for OPUS

Users need a full screen mode to maximize screen real estate in Dopus by eliminating the title bar (optionally and of course with a persistent setting that remembers and restores the preference on opening opus).

Here is a video with the 2019 Visual Studio IDE interface improvements. Full screen is the default, no empty windows 95 Title Bar.
Visual Studio 2019 removed useless chrome.

Greetings Gurus, may we please get a full screen option, title bars are obsolete these days, it's not windows 95 anymore...Make it optional for those who may want the option.

Titlebars are not obsolete. People use them to move windows around, including maximized windows.

That why I suggested it be implemented as an option, some users may use it, others won't.

I wouldn't mind an internal DOPUS toggle command to hide the title bar although I would vastly prefer an option to simply have tabs and the title bar merged, much like Chrome or firefox does it. At least with that, a majority of people could use it.

The problem with that concept in Opus is that the model doesn't really work. The tabs in Opus are attached to the file display, not the whole window, and there can be two file displays with separate tabs in each window.

If I may give a real-world example of the potential awkwardness of implementing this. In Chrome, when we go full screen (with F11), you are only viewing the current tab and the tabs are no longer visible. While you can still switch with CTRL-PageUp and CTRL-PageDown, you can't see the tabs themselves.

Firefox handles it a little differently in that they auto-hide the tab bar (along with the address bar).

I think trying to do a true full screen would be very challenging to handle in terms of the user interface.