Photos - People Tags

Is there anyway to write or view information based on People Tags? Such as Folder Columns, or CTRL+F.

I'm trying to organize my pictures based on people within the image, and I decided to use a facial recognizer within Microsoft Photo Gallery/Picasa, which does this automatically.
This is less time consuming compared to using the 'Tags' feature and manually tagging each photo.

The people tag is saved within the file on both Microsoft Photo Gallery and Picasa, however, it would be nice to be able to access this through Directory Opus.

You may try the extended exif columns I put here some seconds ago: Columns: Extended EXIF (Picasa faces e.g.)
It should list your picasa faces in a column and makes these searchable by DO as well, it does so for me at least. o)

It takes some time to build a cache, but from then on, the "face"-search from DO is quite acceptable in speed.