Picture Viewer can only Save as

Hello, if i click on the Show button to view some pictures i can in the viewer rotate the picture. But if i want save it, i can only click on "Save as", "Save" is greyed out. "Save as" works of course but you have to click 1x more which takes time with many images. Why is "Save" greyed out?

There are probably no changes in the image that need to be saved.

For example, I rotate an image 90 degrees and then want to save this. Save is greyed out.

Rotation in the viewer is considered a cosmetic change, not one that can be saved, similar to how resizing an image in the viewer doesn't offer to save the result, as it's just changing how it's displayed.

But you can make a menu item or toolbar button which rotates the on-disk image as well as the view of it:

For JPEGs, the rotation will be lossless when possible, but can be lossy if the image isn't suitable for lossless rotation (e.g. due to having unusual dimensions).

Another option is to use the EXIF rotation tag and just change that, which can be done via the metadata panel, but not all tools pay attention to that tag. (In Opus, there are separate options for whether EXIF rotation is applied for thumbnails, the preview pane, and the standalone viewer window.)