Playing multiple music files sequentially

When I select multiple mp3 files in Windows Explorer, I just have to hit enter & my default player (WinAmp) opens, the selected files are added to the playlist & they play sequentially. If I do that in Directory Opus, WinAmp opens but then things go wonky. Each selected file flashes briefly on the playlist until the last selected file is reached & that final file is the only one actually played.

I can't believe that's what anyone would actually want to happen & I can't understand why Dopus would do that.

Of course, I can still play multiple files sequentially by right clicking & choosing Play in WinAmp from the context menu, but that's far less convenient than just hitting enter. Isn't there any way to change Dopus' handling of multiple mp3 files to match the convenience I formerly enjoyed in Windows Explorer?

I think the difference is that Explorer runs the right-click menu command on all the files at once, when you push return, while Opus runs the double-click action on each file in turn when you push return.

Some music players are intelligent enough to handle being run for several files in very quick succession by enqueuing the files. I thought WinAmp did this too, maybe as an option, but I may be misremembering or it may have changed, as it's a few years since I've used it. It might be worth looking through WinAmp's settings to see if there is such an option.

You can find a possible workaround for the WinAmp issue here: Opening multiple files problem

Hi Leo,

Yeah, I did get that link & the script worked perfectly. Problem solved. Thanks so much for taking the time.