Please check if the "DESELECT" indicator in "Select" command is failed in DOpus 13.4.3 beta

Hi, I think there is a new bug in DOpus 13.4.3 beta,
1, keep the selected file in a list
2, clear select status of all the files
3, do my work
4, reselect the original selected files.

the final things is all the files are selected. I've tried that the objCmd.RunCommand ("Select * DESELECT") will select all files.

Dim objCmd
    Dim selItem
    Set objCmd = DOpus.CreateCommand
    objCmd.SetSourceTab (DOpus.Listers.lastactive.activetab)
    If DOpus.Listers.lastactive.activetab.Selected.Count > 0 Then
        For Each selItem In DOpus.Listers.lastactive.activetab.Selected
            If (selItem.is_dir) Then
                DOpus.Output "ERROR: The selected item is a folder. <" & & ">"
                objCmd.AddFile selItem
            End If
    End If
    objCmd.RunCommand ("Select * DESELECT")
    ' do my work
    objCmd.RunCommand ("Select FROMSCRIPT")
    Set objCmd = Nothing

Known issue in the current beta. Will be fixed in the next one.

In the example of the document, it seems should deselect everything!
and in the previous version, the script works well!

Does this means all jpg files should deselect according to the document ?

It’s a bug in the current beta which will be fixed in the next beta.