Plugin Feature Request: .NFO Viewer clickable links

I'm in desperate (okay, it's all relative) help of an enhancement to the .NFO viewer.

I have created .NFO files using .NFO Grabber, a nifty little program that lets you access IMDB and creates an .NFO file with the direct link to the movie you have selected. (My wife constantly berates me that she can't figure out what my movies are about, so I figured I'd give her an easy way to go look if one interested her.) I want the link, which appears in the form http:\ to be clickable in the viewer pane so that one simply has to click on the active link and it opens up the page. Right now I am forced to copy the link and manually enter it in to the browser...There has got to be a simple way (for a programmer, at least) to do that! I've tried mucking around with the plugins, the newest .NFO viewer, etc. but to no avail. BTW, when I open the file up in EmEditor (my Notepad replacement app, it shows as a clickable link) Is it possible to use EmEditor as a plugin? Or does that involve too much? I have a screenshot for what I am seeing in this post:

[How to create clickable URL in Viewer Pane from within .NFO)

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might be able to provide...