Power mode questions

I am trying to decode the options in 10 for Power mode.
It says in the help that select is persistent. I take that to mean that selecting something else will not affect previous selections.
Well, no matter what I do, any selection cancels out anything.
Allow Single file drag , I assume that to mean that I can take any singular file from a selection and take it in isolation without affecting the selection of the other files.
I am thinking that these two are interrelated somehow, but I cannot figure out to get it to work as described in the help.
Next questions come from the Mouse button behavior section.
left column is L/R/M button, right column is drag and drop.
I have set the right button to select only and then drag and drop to immediate. I essentially want to do a move by right select and drop. Is this the right methodology?
Why then do I get the context menu when I go to drop the selection?

I just cannot get this mode to work as described and I was looking for some other settings I may have overlooked and any other hints.
Is my thinking correct about how this mode is to be used.

  • Using these settings (they are in german, but you can compare the checkboxes) i have no problem selecting files resp. deselecting them by another click:

  • If you want to move that file, press the Shift key as a modifier (along with right click).

But anyway, i think there are much more ways to configure that mode, it´s not called the power mode for no reason.

If that's the case even when the button is set to, say, normal drag select, then my guess is that you're not actually in Power Mode:

Allow Single file drag means if you drag one file left or right (i.e. along the row of the file itself) then you will only pick up that file, even if other files are also selected.

I eventually DID find that pull down.
There are a LOT of settings here.
How do I default to power mode for listers?
I am now trying to determine what is the best mouse button settings.
Anyone have some suggestions or tips?

See the Folder Formats FAQ.

I just use Details mode, myself. You can toggle-select things with the middle mouse button in Details mode, which is the only thing I'd personally want from Power mode. Everyone is different, though.