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Profile that cannot be changed

Hi, guys! I really liked this software, but I need to know more to get the license for 5 machines where I work.
Is there a way to create a profile that is not changed?
Can I open, for example, the office word inside it?

Please see Common purchasing, upgrading and licensing questions

You could make the configuration folders read-only. People would still be able to make some changes but they would not persist beyond a restart (and some would not work at all).

I am not sure what you mean. Could you give more detail?

I made this configuration in Opus and I don't want anyone to change it, do you understand? I manage 5 machines here in the company and I wanted to leave this profile to everyone.

I understood (and hopefully answered) that part, but I don't understand the question after that, about "opening the office word".

thank you friend for the strength. I will explain in more detail. In the midst of the global pandemic, they are all working from home offices. I installed RemotesApp, and published it on the internet. Through it I wanted to make the shared folders of the company available, not using windows explorer. So I would create a profile for everyone on Opus and not allow them to change or open options.image_thumb68

That makes sense. But you mentioned "opening the office word". Did you need help with opening Microsoft Word or other Office documents? Maybe I am confused.

If you just need to ensure people can't change their Opus configurations, you can do that using file permissions. All the Opus config data is in files on disk. This page gives the locations of all the config files: