Quicktime movies


Is it not possible to view quicktime movies in the viewer pane?



They play for me. I think I've even got just the official Apple Quicktime installed on this PC, rather than the Quicktime Alternative hack that I used to use (which went out of its way to make MOV files play in Media Player and thus in Opus).

Make sure you've got the latest Media Player installed and at least some version of Quicktime. Not sure what else to check for but it's definitely possible because they play for me.


Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Since installing the latest build of DOpus, *.mov files no longer preview in the preview pane (I believe it used to be the movie plugin). I run QuickTime Pro 7 on my notebook and my wife runs 6.52 on hers and we were both able to preview our *.mov files prior to installing the latest build of DOpus...

Has anything changed with the plug-in(s)? In attempting to troubleshoot this, I note that none of the plug-ins that I have installed list *.mov files as being associated with them.

We both run the unicode version of DOpus. I run it under WinXp Pro Sp-2 while my wife does so under Win2k with all latest updates installed.



I installed iTunes* and, as I had no choice, the latest version of QuickTime with it just over a week ago. Mov files still play for me with Unicode Opus on XP SP2.

Mov files also play in Windows Media Player (although I have to explicitly tell it to open them -- cannot drag & drop them onto the player -- and then tell it to try anyway even though it doesn't recognise the extension).

I expect if you solve playback in one you'll solve it in the other. How to do it I don't know, though. :frowning:

(*For a friend. I hate iPods and their broken, gappy music playback, but that's not important right now.)

Thanks for the quick response, Leo. I can't play .mov files in WMP, either, so will focus my energies on trying to make that happen!

Thanks again,


Interesting the little things that you learn along the way... I have Real Alternative 1.45 Final installed and thought I'd check its version of WMP Classic to see if it plays mov files, and lo and behold it does (and yet DOpus viewer defaults to the text viewer when I try to view mov files and WMP 10 continues to refuse to them as well). At some point in the future I'll have to explore the possibility that I only need to install Real Alternative on my wife's computer (and not Quicktime Alternative as well).

I also (at 5:30 am) had the time and solitude (no toddlers running around shrieking) to check out my wife's installation. She's actually running QuickTime Alternative and mov files preview in DOpus no problem on her setup. (I am not sure in what alternate universe she has QT 6.52 and a non functioning DOpus viewer :wink:) Anyway, I've updated her machine to DOpus and QTA 1.66 and everything works as expected. I've done the same to mysetup and mov files still won't preview in DOpus. I've checked and rechecked the settings for the various plugins on her installation and compared them to my own, and cannot see a difference. (NOTE: mov files preview with the Movie plugin on her setup).

I've also tried playing around with the WMP Classic settings as shipped with Real Alternative on my setup. I shutdown DOpus completely and then set up RA to handle mov files - both opening them and streaming them - and then restarted DOpus but this, too, hasn't changeddop anything.

The other annoying feature of this is that DOpus sporadically locks up when I try to preview a mov file. I'll get the preview window for a multimedia file with a blank (black) screen in the preview pane and it will hang there. Sometimes, if I am patient, it will switch to the text plugin and then displays it as hex... In any case, trying at this point to manually change the viewer plugin from the context menu doesn't work either - it remains locked onto the text plugin. I assume that this is because the text plugin is a catchall and on my setup it's the last on the list, so it's already gone through them all?

Sorry for the rambling post :frowning: . Thanks for any thoughts/suggestion that you may have and for your patience.