Read current file date/time before changing it

In "Change attributes and time" I can set creation and last modified dates.
However, if I just want to tweak, say the day, there appears to be now way to prefill the dialog with the values from the current file. Instead I must type the whole lot in.
And if I want to set both creation AND modified dates, I have to do it twice. Thread Set modified date equal to created date? addresses being able to copy these two dates between each other but nothing had come of it.
I appreciate the dialog and be invoked on multiple selected files. In that case any option to grab existing date may have to choose which one to use.

The Metadata Pane should be more suitable for what you want to do than the Set Attributes dialog.

F9 opens it by default, or you can turn it on via the Lister Configuration menu next to the dual-display toggle near the top-right of the default toolbars.

Perfect. I use a lots of this programs features, but I still hadn't come across the Metadata Pane. I must poke around some more.
Thanks heaps leo.