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RECENT PATH C:\ does not work?

According to Triple Drive Buttons (How to lose the tree) (step-by-step) I should be able to have a command-item that shows the Recent list of a specified path:

Recent path C:\

would show the "Recents" for C:\

But it does not show any Recents. If I do the same with F:\ or E:\ it does show them. I wonder what this could be. I have checked the command again and again, it seems to be ok in syntax (I actually copied another, working one and only changed the drive-letter).

If it works for the other two drive letters, is it just that there's nothing in your recent list for C:?

Well at first, I could confirm your results 100%, trying all of the commands below to no avail--the resulting list was empty:

Recent Path="C:\"
Recent Path="C:"

Then to be thorough, I made sure that I listed a couple of folders on the C: drive. Then all of a sudden my list was populated. Are you sure you have recently listed a folder on your C: drive? I don't know how long Opus keeps its Recent Folder List data.

Yes, I forgot to mention, that I have visited several directories on the C:\ partition before I posted to the forums (just to make sure, there are actually some recents). So, all I can believe now, is that Dopus does not accept a path as recent before it got visited x-times ? But that would be the SmartFavs, wouldn't it ?

Sure sounds like it's Smart Favorites to me.

Open up an unfiltered recents list and see what's listed inside of it.

Strangly it works now. I tried going as deep as 6 levels yesterday on C:\ but to no avail.
Could it be, that one actually needs to open files in these drawers in order to have them remembered ? Coz' when I tried now I browsed several directories and opened two files. In the recents list I got two recent directories as result.

If you just go to a directory and then to another one or close the window then I don't think it's recorded in the recent list.

When I was trying to verify your results (posted earlier in this thread), I noticed some things. I just re-tested and here is what I found.

I started with an empty filtered Recent Folders List. Then I entered [b]C:[/b], which did not appear on this list at that time. So I entered C:\Windows, then [b]C:[/b] appeared on the list, but C:\Windows did not. So I hit the Back button, then C:\Windows appeared on the list.

Using a separate process (Cmd.exe) I create C:\testdir\testsubdir.

I entered C:\testdir, it does not appear on the list. I list the root of a different drive, C:\testdir appears on the list.

You must traverse a folder for it to appear on the Recent Folders List--that is enter it an leave it. Also, if you log off of Windows, or reboot, Recent Folders entries are all completely blown away, as they are no longer recent. Nudel is also correct in that entering a folder then closing the lister, will not add a folder to the list.

I might be wrong on this, but it also appears to me there may also be a time limit or a number limit on the number of folders Opus displays on the Recent Folders List. I seem to remember coming back hours later, looking at the filtered C:\ drive list, and noticing it empty again. I also navigate hundreds of folders a day (sometimes in an hour) and I almost never browse my C:\ drive (my work files are redirected to another physical drive). Thus it seems logical in my circumstances for folders to be quickly dropped from the Recent Folders List. Remember, that a Filtered Recent Folder List, is merely a subset of a larger Recent Folders List.

I think what John has been trying to bring up is that perhaps you would be better served by a filtered Smart Favorites list.

Don't forget that some of the Recent behaviour is configurable as well:

Ah, I had this as SmartFavs config in memory. There I have it: The last point is it, which does only remember those paths, that have been used, instead just be visited.