Recovery Volume showing drive letter


I have a stange issue on a new laptop from Dell (alienware). In Opus the recovey partition is showing with a drive letter (y). In explorer and in the computer management/storage this does not show a drive letter allocated?

Any idea why this is so and how to change?

Which part(s) of Opus show this? File display, tree, toolbar?

If you exit (File -> Exit Directory Opus; don't just close all the windows) and restart Opus, does the drive letter still appear? What if you reboot?

Thank you for your very rapid response, It was visible in both tree and file display. :blush: However reboot removed anomoly, machine arrived yesterday so had been rebooted several times during software installs, I suppose this may remain as one of life's mysteries :blush:

Embarissment has lessoned, it appears it is not there on reboot, plug my external USB drive into usb port not used before and the recovery volume appears, very strange :slight_smile:

Which part(s) of Opus show this? File display, tree, toolbar?

If you exit (File -> Exit Directory Opus; don't just close all the windows) and restart Opus, does the drive letter still appear?

If it's still there after restarting Opus, could you post a screenshot of the Storage control panel you mentioned? (Re-open it after Opus has started showing the drive, in case the drive really wasn't there before but is there now.) (If you use the forum's "Full Editor" and attach an image, it'll appear in your post; no need to host the image elsewhere etc.)

This shows the drive, as it appears in Opus, restarting program makes no difference

And in Explorer?

  • the Storage control panel.

This is the explorer view

And the storage management view of drive with no letter allocated


That does seem odd...

Are you using an admin account (with/without normal UAC elevation to run the Disk Management control panel), or are you using standard user (so that the Disk Management control panel is running as a separate admin account, e.g. through UAC over-the-shoulder elevation)?

If the Disk Management control panel is running as a different user, that might explain why it doesn't show a letter for that drive. (Drive letters can be mapped per-user.) Still wouldn't explain the difference with Explorer, but that may well be due to something else (e.g. some registry setting that says "hide this drive" which Opus doesn't know about.)

If you manually type Y:\ into Explorer, does it show the contents of the drive? (Assuming you can browse to the drive in Opus as well.)

Only appear in Opus when run with administrator rights however is is not present in explorer run as administrator. typing y: in explorer with or without administrator rights gives a windows cannot find y: error. It is not a particularly serious issue but very strange.

Was only running as administrator as in process of coping various files and configuration to protected places on new PC from old one, would not be normally.

Ah, that probably explains it.

When you run Opus normally I expect it'll show the same as Explorer.

How did you run Explorer with admin? It usually won't let you unless you restart the whole shell/desktop. Just running it as admin normally would only open another non-admin Window, I think.

Use Task Manager, show for all users, to ensure the processes you're comparing are running as the same user. (Even better, usr Process Explorer to make sure they are also running at the same integrity level.)


I had not got around to reinstalling Process explorer yet :slight_smile:

You are right, integrity of Opus is High, explorer even when run as "run as administrator" is medium.....

Killed process using Process explorer and restarted as admin created an explorer with high integrety, but this still does not show the y drive, and does not allow me to navigate to it.

Still curious but happy issue not there with normal Opus :smiley:

Thanks for all your attention

I have exactly the same problem with a Dell Desktop running Windows 7
Reading all the Posts here did not give my any solution!!
Is the problem solved in any way?

Are you running Opus with elevation?

I'm having the same problem with a new Dell running Windows 7. Interestingly RECOVERY is also assigned the letter Y. No letter assigned in Drive Management Console. Can't assign Y to any other drive. After a reboot, occasionally the issue does not occur. If I do assign Y to another drive at that time, I get an error the next time I restart the box, when the issue returns.

Thanks for any help.

Are you running Opus with elevation?

I don't know what that means, so I don't think so.