Refresh folderalias.oxc

Hi There
I have written a script to edit the folderaliases.oxc to change a particular alias.
My script only works when I shut down Opus and start up again i.e. After this file is reloaded.
Any idea how this may be automated?

"refresh folderaliases"; "folderaliases"; few others

Read these FAQs:
Directory Opus executables and hooks:
[url]Directory Opus executables and hooks]

HOW TO: Back-up or locate your Opus configuration (Advanced)
[url]HOW TO: Backup or locate your Opus configuration (Advanced)]

Changes to folders are not being detected
[url]Changes to folders are not being detected]

You could incorporate the restart into your script I guess :
"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /restart
Other than that I don't think there's a way to force the file to be reloaded.

Thanks Steve. At last disapppointment with Opus. It had to happen sometime...

Does it have to be an alias? You could set an env-var instead and use that in most of the places that aliases can be used.

Thanks Leo. Let me read up on those things. I dont know much about environment variables. I presume you mean OS environment variables of the kind in the screenshot...

Those are the ones. Each process has its own private copy of the variables so you can set/change them for just Opus if you like, or for the whole system (although many apps will not notice changes made to the global variables after they have started).

This thread has excited from me a separate evironment variable and alias how to post here.....
[url]Environment varible as an alias]