Relative Size Detail?


I've noticed in a number of screen shots of DOpus a detail option that shows file size with a coloured graph called "Relative Size".

When I go to "View" menu & "Choose Detail" I don't have this option available.

Is there some other app I need to download to enable this? Is there another way of adding "detail" options?

Thanks...sorry if this is already answered somewhere...I searched the site but couldn't find a mention of "Relative size" that helped.

Ok..just found the answer...View ...Power Users...sorry about the newbie question....was just looking in the wrong place! (Found a lot of other useful detail options at the same time)

You can have the column in both Details and Power modes. Just right-click one of the other columns and you'll get a list of available columns; it's under General.

You can also do it via Folder Options and/or Folder Formats. If you want it to be on all the time then please read the Folder Formats FAQ for instructions.

Thanks for the tip Nudel,

For some reason I still had to configure the option via Power user setting it is available in details too.

the FAQ's are great...but sometimes the challenge is trying to figure out which section of FAQ to look in...thanks for pointing me in the right direction.