Remove Folders from File list?

I've been exploring the many features of DOpus, as I evaluate the product. It's most impressive, but there are some points of confusion.

How do I remove/filter out the Folder from the File list? I would like to have the Folders shown in the Tree (and only in the Tree) and ONLY Files in the file list. I can't find a setting for this.


If you want to do it temporarily then the easiest way is to use the Filter boxes you can add to your toolbars.

If you want to save such a filter so it's always used then you can do that via Folder Options.

In both cases the filters do not affect the tree, so you can set a Hide-Folder Filter of * to remove all folders from the file display area.


Your 'permanent' suggestion was what I needed. Thanks!

Was expecting something like 'Folder Options' would be in the Settings menu vs Tools - but I found it. :wink:


I guess Folder Options is in the Tools menu because that's where people are used to looknig for it in Explorer.

Of course, you can move the item over to the Settings menu (or anywhere else you fancy) if you want. :slight_smile:


Ah - that's cool - change the menu items. Hadn't thought of that.

BTW - I downloaded your tutorials - a nice resource for something as 'full-featured' at DOpus.