Removed columns keep re-appearing

Hi there,

I've had this problem before and can't remember how I solved it. I run a dual vertical lister and I have removed columns in each pane that I don't want to see and have saved this as my default.

However when I close and re-open DO, one column keeps re-appearing: Availability. I've looked at the v12 FAQ and done what it says (i.e. saved & cleared formats) but this Availability column insists on re-appearing.

I can use the padlock on each pane but the FAQ says that this isn't the best solution.

The columns that I want displayed and that seem to stick ok are:

  • Name
  • Status
  • Size
  • Type
  • Modified

How can I stop Availability from displaying?

Unfortunately, I am not at all sure about that, but it might help until the experts see your post: explore in the taskbar


and then

Directory Opus 12.10 Tutorial/Highlights Series

from Leo. It's a splendid introduction, but can't tell you in what of the 4 parts you'll find a very comprhensive description of your issue - but it is definitly in the series. I'm a long-time basic user and learned a lot.

Just til Leo pops up, and points you to the setting ...

There's also a guide on the forum: