Removing items from the right-click menu (Context Menu)

I have tried REGEDIT editing and many software programmes to remove unneeded items in the right-click menu with no success.When I right-click a .jpg in Dopus

I only want one entry there PaintShopPro. I also include a capture of the changes I made with a programme called 'OpenWithView' , I then reboot but all the items are still in the Right-Click menu, there are many items I have disabled, but they are still there. Someone suggested it may be a Dopus setting which is why I have posted here. File Explorer has the same results.

Thank you

If File Explorer behaves the same then it suggests OpenWithView doesn't actually work.

Hi Peter,

I've removed most of my unneeded right-click items by following this guide:

I had to remove the items in more than one place

There's also this method, if you mainly care about Opus (doesn't affect menus in other software):