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Reopen closed tab (like Chrome)


I use Chrome and find myself accidentally closing a tab here and there and wanting it back. Chrome supports right-click anywhere on tab bar, and selecting 'Reopen closed tab', which is awesome.

I'm settling into the use of Opus as my primary file explorer. When I'm managing a handful of open tabs, I've run into the same issue. I closed the wrong tab, and have no idea what it even was.

Is there a 'Reopen closed tab' support on Opus? If not, can it be added? Either way, is there a way to set same 'right-click' option for it?


Right-click on the tab bar, and choose Undo Close Tab.


Okay, I was Right-clicking on one of the remaining tabs and expecting to see the option there. Thanks for the info, will use.


Faster way of doing the same thing...
I don't recall if the ff. keyboard shortcut is the default (Ctrl + Shift + T or just add this shortcut to the button yourself), but I have mine set up to re-open closed tabs just like in chrome: