Reopen Listers/tabs when Dopus Starts

I have read all the other posts on this and believe I know why my issues occur, and would like to suggest to developers that we make a small change.
If I have one lister open with a number of tabs in left and right panes. I have the setting "Shutdown Dopus when the last lister closes" selected. When I close Dopus by clicking X on the lister window, Dopus process exits entirely. If I then restart Dopus (just run the exe), it forgets the layout/tabs I had open.

I understand this happens because I close the last lister, Dopus exe then gets told to shut down and as it does, it sees there are no listers open, so next time it starts, it loads the Default lister. I can circumvent this by adding the Exit Dopus command to the menu and using that ie. Dopus shuts down whilst there is still lister(s) open.

I think in a scenario like this though where the last lister closes triggering Dopus to exit, Dopus should save that last lister layout before terminating itself. Then it can reload that lister when it restarts.

The possible reason could be, that you´ve set Opus to load a particular layout when starting. You can check it under
-> settings -> preferences -> startup -> auto start, where you should have the appropriate option
checked ("open the listers that were open when the program was last closed").

(Abr's answer won't help for the reasons you said in your first post, i.e. there are no windows open when Opus exists, so there's nothing to open when it restarts with that setting.)

Instead, turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister and then make sure whichever method(s) you use to launch Opus are set to open the Default Lister.

Its taken me a while to get my head around this, why its not acting as axpected and how to solve it.

I can see your answer leo is necessary given all listers are actually closed at the time that Dopus exits. It achieves the same as what I was sking for ie. read last lister closed before exiting.
What bothered me about it, and I can see it would still be a problem even if doing my suggested way, is that sometimes the last thing I am doing is a Find so I have the find panel open or indeed an entire lister setup for find operation. Or perhaps I have a lister open with a dedicated format for viewing phots or videos.

What I really want to achieve is that upon starting Dopus again, it just loads my standard lister which is setup the way I want BUT I want all those tabs I had open to be reapplied. I can see the issue immediately. Upon closing, which tabs from which open lister am I wanting back. The anser would be the ones from my standard lister.
So, if upon opening, I could tell Dopus to open the lister called MY_STD_LISTER, it would very kinfly reapply all the tabs from last time. I could then open other listers for Find etc, but when Dopus closes, it notes the tabs from the lister called MY_STD_LISTER, to repply next time.

I appreciate this is another whole wishlist for how it operates but I'll throw it out there.
Many thanks.

If you turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Ignore folder format of Default Lister right above the other option, that takes care of the scenario where you were using a custom format that you don't want to be used when you open a new window.

That just leaves the Find panel which you can turn off in a single click and doesn't seem like a big deal by itself. (If you really don't want to have to close it, you could do so using a User Command which Opus runs instead of opening the default lister in the normal way. I think that would be more trouble than it's worth, though.)

I tried Ignore folder format but it doesn't seem to achieve the desired result.
Here is my standard layout (

) and this is the lister I open to do finds (
). Its not as simple as turning the find panel on/off as I have it setup to show more info on the right, the results, and it only needs the one tab.
If this opens by default when Dopus starts (ie was last closed lister), then I must open my standard lister - but lose all the folders I had open in tabs at the time of close.

I'm not sure there is a way to achieve that.

I think you want Opus to remember the last layout and paths/tabs sometimes, but not others. The only way to do that is make it not remember anything automatically and then explicitly save the window when you want to, and don't save it when you don't want to, using Settings -> Set As Default Lister.

I can see why you say that but I don't think its that silly. Just remember my explorer-style lister, not the special ones open for find/content view etc.
If a lister is opened from a named layout, could it not, optionally, simply update that layout when it closes. Then if I open my STD layout, and open my FIND layout, then later close each. I could then tell Dopus at startup to load my STD layout and it will have remembered how it was when it closed and not get mixed up with any other layouts.

It certainly could in theory, but that's not the way it works right now so it's not currently possible.

Fair enough. Is there anywhere I can make a plug to have such a feature implemented. Thanks heaps.

Just mentioning it here is enough, since you've got a linked account. We'll keep it in mind.