Replace this File?

This has to do with collecting fonts where they are being moved/copied from directory to directory with the goal to keep the newest/largest font from a vendor.

The current copy/replace business works very nicely as it gives me a great deal of information about the files: file name, file size, file date and thumbnail. With a large collection adding new fonts is tedious and open to error. Can you help!?

First off; Thumbnail images are provided for TTF font files (and probably ttc, fon and fnt). Can this also be done for OTF font files? Currently a default image (turned down page with Window image or something) is shown. If you can see two fonts with the same name it is generally obvious if they are of the same design.

Secondly; is there a way to change the "Replace this File?" criteria on file name equals to be driven only when there is a difference in the file size or file date? This would pass (probably replace) files where they are the equal on all file name, file size and file date. (Equals are maybe 50% of new fonts.)

Nicely, I could also specify the matching criteria:
--If the file name is different, they are different. (No change).
--If the file name is the same and the file size is the same, they are the same font, (check file dates) keep the newer one. (Don't ask me).
--If the file name is the same and file size is different, ask the question so I can see the thumbnails (file dates don't matter as it becomes a manual decision).

The second criteria will automatically handle maybe 90% of additions to a large collection and be very helpful.


I don't know much about the font thumbnailing in Opus, nor what makes an OTC font different to others, so I can't answer that one.

For the rest of what you're trying to do you might want to look at the Synchronize panel in Opus. This lets you compare two directories using a set of criteria (although the criteria won't let you do exactly as you've specified -- it can look for differences in size/date but it won't pick the newest file if the sizes are the same). Once the comparison is done you're shown just the files which will be changed if you go ahead with the sync, and you can switch to thumbnails mode to see the fonts which will be copied/overwritten. Note that if you go ahead with the synchronize, after the comparison stage, you will not be prompted about overwrites.

There is also the Copy UpdateExisting command which is more like a traditional copy (you will be prompted about overwrites). The command can be edited to specify whether it checks sizes, dates or both (default) and will then only attempt to copy -- and thus only prompt you about -- files which differ.

Copy UpdateExisting will not copy new files which are in the source but not the destination, but that is easily done as a second step: You could do a normal copy with everything selected and choose Skip All when prompted to overwrite. Alternatively you could use the Select SOURCETODEST command and then invert the selection so the selected files are all those which don't already exist in the other side.

Yet another way to approach the problem is to use the Edit / Select..., click to Advanced mode and define a filter that just does:

Compare, Match, Items that are different

(You'll also see you can select whether to check the Date and Size).

When you press OK in the Select dialog Opus should highlight the files which are different between the source and destination directories, allowing you to concentrate on them and ignore the others.

OTF are Open Type Fonts which is the concatenation of Type1 and True Type to a single file -- supported by EVERY software vendor from Adobe to Zapf. DOpus needs to be updated to include OTF in the same fashion they handle TTF.

Along a similar vein, is there some documentation on how the thumbnails are developed for font files? There doesn't seem to be something in the font I can see that determines whether the font is shown or the default image.

What should the Description field show from a font file?


Dick Pape

I think that if Opus recognises the file is a font it will attempt to draw a thumbnail of it. (Every single file in my fonts directory gets a thumnail, but I don't have any OTF fonts.) It probably doesn't recognise the OTF extension but, assuming that Windows itself can draw OTF fonts, I imagine that wouldn't be hard to recfity.

Do you have some fonts which don't get thumbnails when others of the same type do? If so your best bet is to send some example font files to GPSoftware directly (or attach them to a forum post here and notify GPSoftware via their support form) so they can be looked at.

If you want OTF font support you should attach some of them as well.

On my system it displays the version number for some font files and nothing for others.

Opus includes a change which should mean OTF font files get thumbnails now.