Replace vs Integrate 3rd Party Tools - Your Thoughts & Advice

Thought I'd put this out as a general call for advice, thoughts.

Do those of you out there who really know your stuff, and ride DirOpus like the wind, still use 3rd Party File Management tools? Alternatively, has DirOpus in its latest iterations replaced 95%+ of the functionality found in other tools?

I do like the idea of being able to ditch everything else and perform all my tasks within the one powerhouse of DirOpus. Is it possible?

If not then how can you integrate those external tools as seamlessly as possible into your DOpus workflow?

The tools I'm familiar with, and functions I need, are

  • Bulk Rename Utility
  • Beyond Compare
  • Voidtools Search Everything
  • DuplicateCleaner
  • TrackErr (Finding corrupt MP3s)
  • MP3Tag

Also, would anyone suggest changing my suit of 3rd party tools?

  • Either because alternatives can integrate smoother with DirOpus
    or just because they are superior renamers, searchers, folder comparison etc tools then my current selection?

Thanks for advice and any general discussion this might get rolling

P.S. These are my 1st hours in forum and really impressed how fast Leo got back to me. :clap:t2:

Go back with questions in a week or better two, this is really the best possible advice for now.
And don't forget about documentation.

As for Voidtools Search Everything, see this thread for an excellent way to integrate it right into DOpus:

I do all my music online, so I don't need MP3 related tools. The rest of the built-in DOpus tools are sufficient for my needs, so I don't have Bulk Rename Utility, Beyond Compare, or Duplicate Cleaner.

Thanks DD - Very kind of you

For integrating Beyond Compare and similar tools:

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