Request for a few quick tips on organizing my lister

I know if I study the manual I can solve these few problems, but I was hoping for a few quick tips.

  1. I know how to arrange the columns I show in a lister. I use the 2-pane view. I have set up some tabs. My question is, every time I create a new lister or new tab it comes up with the default columns. How can I reset those default columns so that when I create a lister I get Name, size, modified, type, attr, etc in the order I want?

  2. In each of my panes I have a tab called USB remove. When I click that tab it provides a view where none of the drives are shown, especially none of the plugged in USB drives. Then I can click the remove USBs icon from my systray and remove the USB drives safely. What is the best way to link that request on both panes so that I don't have to click on two tabs each time I want to do this?

  3. I am inclined to install the Dear Opus set up to test it out and he says "since a couple of clicks will let you show or hide the old toolbars at any moment." Does that mean it is easy to reconfigure to the Opus set up I currently have installed and easily remove the Dear Opus if it is not to my liking, or will it always be installed but just hidden in the background?

  4. As I said, I have created multiple tabs that give me views in parts of my directory that I use often. The problem is that once I click on one of those tabs and then do any work in that view, I have lost the default view for that tab. To recreate it I have to close Opus and reopen it or open another Lister set up. Is there an easy way around this?

Thanx much.

[ul][li]0. (Please ask one question per thread.)

[li]1. Folder Formats: Quick Guide

[li]2. You shouldn't normally need to change tabs before ejecting a removable device, and just changing the active tab, while the tab for the drive is still open but inactive, won't make any difference at all.

Ejecting a USB drive should work even if the drive is displayed in a folder tab, unless they are mounted as non-removable (probably not relevant here, since they would not show up in the systray icon then either). Or unless another program or operation has the drive locked (in which case whether or not the tab is open is irrelevant; the drive will still be locked by the other operation). Or unless the tabs itself is doing something with the drive (e.g. loading thumbnails, but that would continue in the background even if you switched to another tab, unless the tab was actually closed.

So you should not need to do anything at all for 2. Normally, you can just eject the drive and not worry about any tabs still displaying it.

However, if you do need a way to close all tabs showing folders below certain drives, you can use my CloseAllTabs command.

[li]3. Make a backup of your configuration first. Then you can restore that backup later if you want.

The Dear Opus config mostly moves commands around on the menus and toolbars, without adding much new functionality to what you get in the Opus 11 default toolbars (at least from the last time I looked). Some people prefer the different layout, so feel free to try it and use whichever suits you best, but also remember that you'll be making it harder to understand the manual and other documentation which is based on the default layout. You may need to search for commands in your menus and toolbars if you switch to a custom set.

[li]4. It's probably best to start a new topic for that, with specifics of what you want to restore (current folder? folder format? possibly other things I haven't thought of) so we can discuss how to do that.[/li][/ul]

Thanx much for the immediate reply. I will be sure to use 1 question/thread in the future. Your answer to item 1 is perfect. Opus is so rich with features it is a bit daunting. With time I hope to explore more, so thank you for this. On item 2 I will check further but you seem to be correct. In the past I was using PowerDesk and in that program it did matter. I will start a new question on item 4.