Request: Menu-button popout setting

Hi dear Devs!
Would it be possible to have a setting in a Menu-Button like in a Menu for popout? For the opening menu to have it popout above the button, below the button, left, right etc.?
Until this day my solution was this:
Its a Button, with a Menu right next to it (the darker part) so i could set the direction of the popout.
Today you showed me a way to have same-button-size buttons on toolbar, and i really like that, and if i use my method the button will not fit the same-size rule.
So i revert to having a simple Menu-Button like:
With this i can not set the direction of the popout.
The option im talking about is this, within the Menu settings:

Is it possible to have this in the Menu-Button also?
(Current config for menu-button which doesnt contain the option:)
Thank you for your consideration!

Link to the same-size-button topic: