Same-size buttons in toolbars

I've been wanting for years to recreate the Dopus 4.12 style of buttons, but some things seems to be missing. Perhaps I can't find all of the options (otherwise, consider them humble feature requests).

  1. A way to make toolbar buttons same-size (in non-floating mode). The best "workaround" I can find is to use a mono space font and pad the titles with spaces. Ideally, it would be even nicer to define button widths as a percentage of total window width.
  2. Per button label color. Label colors seem to be per toolbar, currently?
  3. Per button background color. This also seems to be per toolbar now.

Thanks for considering! See screenshot to get the gist of these requests:

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Yes! Double yes! I would really like these options also! Trying to recreate the "retro" style DOpus. Especially the same-size toolbar buttons.

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  1. If you don't mind the label being slightly offset from the top (or bottom), you can make all the buttons the same width by setting their icons to a wide, 1 pixel tall, transparent gif or png, and setting the labels below (or above) the icons.

    You'll also need to turn off Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Scale Toolbar button images when larger than standard size to prevent the image being scaled down.

  2. & 3. Label and background colors settings are below the icons in the button editor.


Thank you for the hint! Too bad the text is offset, otherwise it works fine.

Yep thx for the "hack"! Works great. Except if i have a delete button with Recycle-bin icon which shows empty/full indication. But for now im reconfiguring my bottom toolbars the way it looked back in the days :slight_smile: