Request: New tab with middle click

Can you make to open a folder in a new tab with middle clicking possible

Think it's in there, also can double click the tabbar. Search "tab" in the preferences.

If you mean you want to middle click on a folder to open that folder in a new tab (a bit like firefox with links) then see this thread: ... dle+double


how can i make it to use a simple middle click to open a new tab? I'm just able to edit existing clicks (like the middle double click) but the button to create new events is grayed out ...

furthermore if i click on the folder path elements (or the tree folders) with the double middle click it doesn't open a new tab.

Ignoring Power Mode, single clicks of MMB always toggle the selection. There's no way to change that.

With Power Mode you can change what MMB does but you still can't make a single-click of it open folders or run arbitrary commands.

In both modes you can override what MMB double-click does.

The filetype double-click events only apply to the main file display.

If you want to request additional configuration options then drop GPSoftware a note.