Reuse existing lister EVEN from find dialog

Hi all,

I searched the forum but didn't found a matching topic ... only some, which are similar ...

I like the MDI approach with tabbed views. So I would like to reduce the amount of listers to only a single one. This works fine with the properties settings described in the FAQ for most usages but not when I choose to show the results of a Find in Lister (Collection).
In this case always a new lister is opened. I can use the find panel, which have several other options but which steals a lot of space from my Opus window :frowning:

So my questions:
[ul]- How can I configure the find dialog that the results are shown in a collection in a new tab of the current (only) list?

  • Can I enable the find dialog that it shows all result showing options of the find panel?[/ul]

Many thanks
Klaus :slight_smile:

You have to use the Find panel. If you want that changed write to GPSoftware via the link in my sig.

Thanks, done :slight_smile: