Right-click Box Menu options only available for Top Level folder

any idea why the Box right click menu options are only available for the top level Box Drive folder

but not for Box Drive sub folders? (Sharepoint menu options are available, but not Box)

Is it the same in File Explorer?

sorry, dropped this last year. Still having the same issue. The right click options work in windows explorer, but not in Opus below the top level in Box.


Top level in Opus

One level down in Opus

One Level down in Explorer

If you open the Properties dialog via those menus in both programs, do they both indicate the exact same path, or are there any differences?

(Especially at the start of the path, e.g. one starting under Box and the other under C:\ or similar.)

What happens if you locate the real folders and right-click them, instead of going via the top-level Box branch of the tree? (Presumably the folders exist under C:\ or another real drive.)

Sorry I keep losing track of this. But my company is using Box more and more and this is the only reason Opus is inconvenient for me to use. Under Properies, the paths are the same

C:\Users\Eric\Box\WES-E3-Shared (Right click Box menu items appear)
C:\Users\Eric\Box\WES-E3-Shared\E3 Training (Rigth click Box menu items do not appear)

Going to the User folder directly via the C drive produces the same results. This is what the Box Mounted drive looks like in Users

Top level folder, the right click works fine

One level down, it does not show up

If you turn on the General > Target column, what does it show next to that Box folder under your user dir?

If you go to the path that points to and right-click a folder there, do you get the Box items? I'm guessing you won't get them, and it'll be the same in File Explorer. If so it means the Box shell extension is failing to add the menu items when asked about the real path the files are located in.

target is blank

and the menus do work in Windows Explorer...

Leo, seeing if you have any other ideas to try for the Box menu items

Windows Explorer


We've been looking at it but it seems that Box are replacing the entire folder view with their own here, which is the only time when the menus work. (If you look at your screenshot where they are working in Opus, the way the folder and headings are drawn is different to what Opus does, and it's basically taking over the entire panel which displays the folder.)

We haven't found a way to make the menus work independently, and Box do not seem to have registered a standard context menu shell extension that would work in that way. Having the whole folder view taken over removes most of the point of Opus, so it's not ideal either, even if it worked in sub-directories.

We're still investigating but not sure there is any way for Box's context menus to work well within Opus unless they change the way they are doing them (which would be very easy for them to do on their side, but is outside of our control).